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Professional Employment Opportunities

Professional Employment Opportunity at one of Thousand Oaks’ Leading CPA Firms 

John Trapani, CPA seeks professional, licensed CPAs with at least five years of recent public accounting experience to become part of the firm’s professional staff.

The Firm requires competence, independence, integrity, objectivity, and due care of all personnel in the delivery of accounting and tax services. The Firm encourages individual leadership on client engagements to achieve delivery of high quality professional services. Personnel take individual responsibility for meeting client objectives and delivery commitments.

The culture of the firm is focused on providing assurance that professional engagements are properly planned and executed, and that complex tax situations are analyzed to provide the best outcome for clients consistent with legal requirements. Conclusions must be supported with appropriate research and analysis. Mutual respect for each member of the firm and the clients we serve are paramount qualities of all personnel. Firm personnel continually keep the public interest primary. Integral to the firm’s values, all personnel identify and resolve important engagement issues, consulting with other firm personnel.

Taxpayers’ complex issues related to disasters are welcome as the firm has over two decades of experience dealing with the tax consequences of catastrophic physical loss events.

The firm provides appropriate research tools and proprietary practice delivery tools. The firm uses Lacerte Professional income tax preparation software. Tax research is accomplished using the full CCH Intelliconnect Online Federal Tax Research System.

Because the emphasis of the firm is on specialized income tax issues, personnel must have high levels of tax research and compliance preparation skills as well as data organization, analysis, and problem solving abilities. Due to the concentration of the firm on assisting people dealing with their disaster recovery including the tax consequences, compassion and empathy are essential characteristics of all personnel. Personnel must have excellent oral and written communication skills. The firm’s team approach benefits clients to provide high quality service for tax compliance, research, planning, financial statement preparation, and understanding general business and financial concepts.

Timeliness and professional competence on a foundation of ethical standards are hallmarks of the firm.

If you are qualified, mail your resume to:


Certified Public Accountant

2975 E. Hillcrest Drive, # 403, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

The firm is an equal opportunity employer. Full and part-time positions are available.